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Every Moment is a Memory

A 65 year family tradition​...



Built with the unique combination of classic styles and modern concepts.



    William "Bill" Fox

    About Us

    In Memory of William "Bill" Fox.  1923-2015.  The family of Bill Fox would like to thank all the people who inspired and influenced his life long journey.  He fondly reffered to his business acquaintances as his extended family.  What started as a hobby evolved into a world renowned business.

    In the words of Bill Fox, "It was a wonderful ride."   The Fox family legacy will continue with the same traditions and values instilled by Bill Fox.  Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.  

    Bill Fox/Fox & Sons Co. began business 65 years ago. Since then three generations have run the family business, as well as continued enjoying, designing, and making distinct products. Along the way many friends and partners have been made through our dedicated service and quality craftsmanship.

    Bill Fox started the business by becoming a pioneer in the production of contemporary yet elegant jewelry. His focus centered on the realm of high school, college, corporate, emblematic, and professional sports.  The cornerstone of his business focused on the production and sales of rings and awards which celebrated the important events and accomplishments of an individual’s life.

    Later on Bill’s interest turned towards creating the first true Fire and Emergency service jewelry, mainly due to the fact he was heavily involved with his hometown fire department when he was younger. It was then with the help of his friends, Bill Fox, designed a fire line with firefighters for firefighters. This was the beginning of the Bill Fox Elite Line.

    Bill studied the rules and structure for the ranks, as well as the different insignias that reflected the many positions in the fire rescue and emergency medical services. He took this information and forged ahead to manufacture the finest authentic fire service jewelry. The rings were created with the best of old world knowledge and today's cutting edge  technology, giving the highest possible detail, clean designs, and authenticity of a very true look that brings each and every ring or piece of jewelry  to life.

    The Fox & Sons Co. is based on integrity and lifelong service with the unrelenting dedication to produce impeccable hand crafted, custom, and detailed products. These are the main factors that separate us from your typical jeweler and put us in a league of our own.

    We have gained international recognition for our products. They are received as a testament for many years of hard work and service; an award to be cherished and handed down from generation to generation.

    We have set a high standard for our products which must be beautiful, lasting, and unique. This reflects the service, dedication and performance that the fire rescue and emergency service members perform for their communities and our nation.

    Today we still continue to make our products in the same fashion with high quality and elegance. Our ring production exemplifies the rich standard we have set for they are three dimensional, of hard cast quality, the most highly-detailed ring on the market and made in United States of America.

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