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A legacy is more than one's property and inheritance. One's legacy is determined by their values, ideals, and most importantly thier relationships. Nurses create some of societies most important relationships through their healing and compassion. Fox and Sons has crafted this designer style nursing pendant in honor of nurses across the world to help cherish a memory as you build your legacy.

Christine Pendant with Necklace (Caduceus)

$110.00 Regular Price
$89.00Sale Price
    • Sterling Silver
    • Caduceus in Center
    • Surrounding Stone Options Include: (1) Alternating Blue Spinel and Pearls or (2) Alternating Garnet and CZs or (3) Alternating Blue Spinel and CZs (Showing Alternating Blue Spinel and Pearls)
    • Charm Comes with 16 Inch Sterling Silver Necklace
    • Charm is 4MM High by 15MM Wide
    • Option to Engrave Initials, Date, School and Degree on Back
    • Charm is Available for Bracelet, Necklace, and Ring in All Metals


    • This piece is high-quality and custom made. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.
    • Made in the USA
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